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Welcome to Jackuul Media

Jackuul Media is the 'library' so to speak, of all the Jackuul Empire projects from the past, or that are ongoing, along with the wiki which will serve future sites.*
    You will find and be able to access archives from past projects like the MSRP series of games, the MafiaRPG eras dating back to 2003, and more as more material becomes available for archiving. As a Jackuul Empire core site, this facilitates the mission of documenting the Jackuul Empire, and provides for use a free resource on what it is, and the games and other material it has created. Please enjoy, and remember:

Only You can help Rule the World.

*If I get it to work right

    All Material on the Jackuul Empire, Jackuul Media, Jackuul Media Archives, and Jackuul.com sites is copyrighted to the Jackuul Empire, and solely to it alone, and its owner. The only exception to this rule is hereby granted to authors of stories, role-plays, or other materials not relating to the administrating, rule enacting, rule creation, and staff related materials on the site (English: If you made it, and were not on staff or doing it for the game, you own it). All materials are copyrighted with the previous exception, and you are prohibited from copying, using, or distributing the content across printed, digital, or other media, again unless you qualify under the exception for authors of said material. This is to protect the authors of stories, role-plays, and other content from being used without the author's explicit consent.